About Us

The GEORGE K. DIAKATOS is a private enterprise founded in 1989 by George Diakato (trained in America and the Air Force - Chairman of the Panhellenic Union Fire - President of the Association POSEIDON) boasts a long service inspections and repair of inflatable rescue rafts (liferafts) and inspection and replenishment of extinguishers (portable and wheeled) as well as in automatic CO2 systems, and FM200.


The company is pursuing a dynamic process based on knowledge, experience and continued efforts to improve the quality of products and services, has considerably broadened the circle of work in the Greek market offering products and services of high quality and reliability.
It aspires not only to strengthen its position in the Greek market and expand its activities and the Balkans.

Ενδεικτικό Πελατολόγιο

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