Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

DIAKATOS Company is committed to protect the personal information of visitors / users of diakatos.gr website and to comply with the relevant provisions on the protection of personal information (Greek Law 2472/1997 and 3471/2006 for the protection of individuals against the processing of personal information) as applicable at any given moment.

That is why information relating to personal information of visitors / users is not collected, unless they voluntarily provide it. It is not necessary to administer personal information in order to navigate in diakatos.gr website or access its content, unless the visitor wants to proceed with a purchase or unless a visitor / user wishes to become a diakatos.gr member and have access to some offers.

However, if the visitor / user wants to order products and in order that we ensure the ability of communicating with the user and generally for the support, promotion and completion of the trading relationship with the user, it is likely that the user is asked to disclose personal information (such as name, email address etc.). The personal information of users are intended exclusively for the completion of the deliveries and for the contracts that will be signed with diakatos.gr concerning the delivery of the products, the processing of the commands of the visitors, the design and content improvement of the website and the communication with the visitors for the promotion of the services of the website. When a visitor / user registers on the services of diakatos.gr he /she can request to receive, if they wish, newsletters concerning the new products of the e-shop through e-mail to the given e-mail address or through promotional-informational message via SMS on their mobile phone. In this case, the visitor / user agrees that the information submitted in diakatos.gr is complete, correct, true, accurate and valid and that, if any change occurs, the visitor / user will inform the relevant service of diakatos.gr, so that the registered information remain complete, correct, true, accurate and valid. If the user wishes to stop receiving promotional messages, he / she has to visit the contact form of the www.diakatos.gr website and express his / her wish. The members are the only ones that are responsible for all of the actions that are made with their personal password, user name, and in generally through their account. Members agree to immediately inform diakatos.gr about any unauthorized use of their account and any void and / or possible security breach. Members are solely responsible for the careful use of their account and their formal exit from their account at the end of each use. Diakatos.gr is not responsible for any damage or injury that may result from members’ inability to respect and follow the present clause. By registering at diakatos.gr the user agrees that his personal information will be used by DIAKATOS Company that is responsible for their processing through automation, either by the company itself or by any other representative person appointed by DIAKATOS Company to carry out the processing on its behalf. This information (to the extent that is considered personal) is subject to the European and Greek legislation.

However, users are advised not to send information that wish to remain confidential via e-mail, because it is possible that third unauthorized parties can read the messages sent by users via the Internet.

Registered users and those who provide their personal information on diakatos.gr website have the right to request and receive from DIAKATOS Company the following information: a) all personal information concerning themselves, b) the processing purposes and the possible recipients, c) the update of their personal information that is kept in file, as well as the right to raise any objections concerning their personal information.

Registered users have the right to request at any time and without charge the deletion of their information by sending an e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The above described disclosure of the personal information of the diakatos.gr users constitutes the acceptance of these terms of use concerning their personal information as stated in the present document. If the user does not consent to the above mentioned use of personal information, he /she should not fill in the related fields

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